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Online Jobs - Real or Fake

Have you come across advertisements of this kind online?

Free Online Jobs

Paid Surveys

Earn from home

Earn $xxxxx/month by working 1 to 2 hours a day

Free Internet Jobs

Data Entry Jobs

Do you want to know whether these are true or fake?

They usually target ordinary man’s dream – six digit salary for an hour per day work. But this is not true most of the time. They are scams. They actually ask for investments which true online job providers won’t ask. So first thing to be cleared is No investment is needed for working with a true online job provider.

If you are looking for a job online that you can do at home, even just a few hours a day, Avoid any sites that want you to pay them and those that tell you "For as little as $xx.00 and just as little as x amount of hours a month you can earn $xxxx.00 per month." These types of offers are usually scam. They are just getting money from you and not going to provide you what you dream from them. Whenever an investment is needed, you better quit from that site. The situation is worse nowadays. I had personally seen many fake sites. They ask around $100 first. Then when I want to quit the site, a message box is flashed showing the message “Special offer. You need to provide only $5o to sign up.”

To be honest with you, most if not all of these are scams that prey on the average person and become rich because folks like me and others have spent money in hopes that our dreams would become a reality. The unfortunate side is not being well enough informed of these growing scams. If you are sceptical about a online job, please do spend some of your valuable time doing research on the job in question. Such as any reviews of the site and its sponsors, owner. There are many sites and other blogs that people write about such jobs.

Please be aware that I am not saying that all of them are scams. Just remember that a real company will hire and pay you for your work and not ask you to pay them to hire you.

There are real companies with whom you can work to earn a reasonble sum of money. But finding one is really a tough one. If you are really interested in online jobs, i will provide you with valid offers which will provide you with money for your valuable time. Dont go for $xxxxx offers. You can get that much money in true online jobs. But you have to take that as a full time work. Just by attending paid surveys as part-time work, an additional source of income can be established while continuing your full time job.

Remember the following during your quest for an online job:

A real company won't make you pay to be hired

Do your research on the jobs and companies first


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